Nano Positioning Piezo z-Stage NPSZ

Nano Positioning Piezo z-Stage NPSZ

Nano Positioning Piezo z-Stage NPSZ

NPSZ represents a family of devices, intended for moving and positioning in nano scale. The device is a monolithic metallic body (made of quality alloy, usually aluminum) in which the EDM and other precision machining techniques formed a channel for a piezoceramic actuator, the movable components shifts, etc. This design provides excellent linearity of movement.

Z-objective nanofocusing stage is designed for moving and positioning along a single axis. In particular, to move the lens along the optical axis for focus position change with respect to the sample surfaces or objects in the sample. Moreover, such advances are a crucial element in 3D confocal microscope. Combined with XY stage, such systems allow to obtain a full three-dimensional confocal images of various objects. However, the use of this device is not limited to movement of lenses of microscopes only. You can use it for moving and positioning with high precision of different functional elements of the research facilities and scientific instrumentation. In this case, the movement can be carried out either manually or by a special program, including position sensor with PID controller.

NPSZ positioning stage is equipped with capacitive sensor, which is included in the chain of digital feedback, to keep position constant. This provides high accuracy and linearity of movement, eliminates the effects of drift (creep) in piezoceramics. TDC (time-to-digital conversions) chip located close to the sensor, measures its capacitance and produces a digital signal proportional to the measured capacitance. This minimizes the influence of external electromagnetic noise, and allows using of long cables to the controller.

Specialized single- or two-axis controller EG-1000 and universal controller EG-3000 along with software NSpec are designed to be used with NPSZ positioning stages. NPSZ positioning stage can be used in various r&d projects.

Double Cap Technique is used, which greatly improves sensors quality.




Parameters NPSZ-60 NPSZ-100
z travel range, µm 60 100
Resonant frequency, kHz 0.5 0.5
Minimum scan step, nm 0.1 0.1
Angle tilting over the full range, nm < 0.01° < 0.01°
Maximum sample weight, g 300 300
Material Aluminium Aluminium


Ordering information:

Part number Description Price
NPSZ-60 Nano Positioning Piezo z-Stage, 60 µm
NPSZ-100 Nano Positioning Piezo z-Stage, 100 µm